Are you recently engaged and already feeling overwhelmed by the planning process? That’s OK! It can be overwhelming. Planning an event is stressful, especially a wedding.

Before we jump into the how-tos and tips and tricks, let’s take a deep breath together. Inhale, now exhale. Roll your shoulders back once or twice. It’s going to be ok.

One of my favorite things about being an event producer is helping people relieve some of that stress from the planning process. …

We’ve been living in the virtual event world for over a year now and there is one thing I keep noticing that would solve many of the virtual event day-of challenges and changes.

It’s having the event organizer and virtual event producer discuss all of the event goals ahead of time.

Event hosts might think that their producer just needs to know the production details: where you want to stream your event, how you want it to look, what your key graphics look like, etc. But there are several other event elements and details that impact the virtual event planner’s…

If you’re an event organizer, host, or manager looking to move your in-person event into the virtual world, there are a few key differences to keep in mind as you move forward with your planning process.

I’m a virtual event producer who moved from managing mascots, dance cams, and DJs at live sporting events to creating fun and engaging virtual events.

Watch the entire video on YouTube or scroll down for the summarized key takeaways.

1. Your Attendees Location

At in-person events, you’re controlling the attendees’ location because they come to you but in the virtual event space, you can control what the…

This has been the longest time I’ve been in the U.S. since I graduated. Right after college, I hopped on a plane to China. My original plan was to live there for 6 months to a year, explore the country, and solidify my Chinese language knowledge. I’d majored in Chinese but lacked the confidence to continue practicing if I’d stayed in the U.S. I figured that if I was ever going to use the language it would be in the country itself.

Fast forward to five years later and I’d established a life in Shanghai and was fully immersed in…

As we settle into the new normal of Zoom calls, remote meetings, and virtual events, it can feel like everything is changing about how we meet, gather, and celebrate.

But no matter what platform, medium, or formatting we use moving forward, one element will stay the same, no matter what.

You need a Run of Show.

Used by directors, conferences creators, event venues, planners, and more, a Run of Show (ROS) is a tool used at any and every event. It breaks down the timing, programming, and content for every minute of an event. At a professional basketball game, the ROS lets the DJ, light operator, and MC know exactly when to do the player introductions during pre-game. The ROS lets the couple know the order their bridal party should process down the aisle. The ROS lets the chef know what time dessert is being served.

The Run of Show acts as a the map for…

Transitioning your in-person event to virtual is a challenge. Learn how espnW made it look easy.

The annual espnW Summit NYC went virtual this year, offering an entire afternoon of content for free. It consisted of over three hours of programming, featuring female on-screen talent and professional athletes. Leading up to the event, espnW promised: “to make you smile, think, and feel the W love!”

Now virtual events are very different from in-person events. In the virtual world, you’re competing against at-home distractions and challenged to create connections through a screen, all while providing value to your attendees.

Somehow, espnW nailed it. They are one of the few organizations completely delivered on their pre-event promise and…

Planning an event can be overwhelming. Your job could include everything from picking the event theme, format, venue, decor, entertainment, and more.

No matter if you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, company gala, non-profit fundraiser, or a live sporting event, it’s easy to get lost in the event planning process.

It’s hard to know how to make some of the hundreds of decisions that come with event planning or even where to start. That is one of the biggest roles an event planner plays: being the decision-maker.

It sounds simple but it’s not.

The most common mistake I see with event organizers and planners is that they lose focus on the why behind their event. …

You might be planning your first event or your 100th, but no matter the event, virtually or in-person, you need an event budget.

An event budget takes into account all of the money being made and spent around the event. This includes your ticket sales, sponsorships, venue, food and beverage, decor, designs, marketing, technology, staffing, etc.

Already feeling overwhelmed by all the little details of hosting an event? Your budget can act as your blueprint to help you navigate all those challenges and details, keeping you on track to getting where you want to go.

Whenever I start working on an event, the event budget is the first thing that I look at. If the event is an annual one, I can look…

I love live sports: the atmosphere, the emotions of the players, the energy of the crowd, free t-shirts, stadium hotdogs, you name it. There’s something special about watching sports in person, a luxury we don’t have right now.

While we all are feeling the impact of life without live sports, let’s take a look at the elements and people that make live sports so much fun.

Depending on the team, league, or organization, this group of people falls into the category called Game Day Presentation, Special Events, Fan Experience, or Sports Presentation. …

We’ve all had those projects that fill you with dread and nerves before they’ve even started. Your voice inside is saying I can’t do this. How did I get this role/project when I know I can’t do it.

We want to be in our comfort zones, that safe, predictable place where we can work, hang out, and even snuggle up in. While we love our comfort zones, if we continue to stay there, we will hit a limit in how much we can learn.

The most dramatic learning and growing often happen when we step outside of that comfort zone.

Logan Clements

Athlete and event producer with a love for sports, travel, and good food 🇺🇸➡️🇨🇳➡️ 🌏 Currently producing virtual events, founder of Logan Strategy Group

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